Kouri Richins Murder Case- How Author Allegedly Tried to Poison Husband With Valentine's Day Sandwich

Utah Author Kouri Richins Allegedly Tried to Poison Husband With Sandwich

Author Kouri Richins is accused of attempting to kill her husband with a poisoned sandwich before allegedly murdering him with a drink spiked with fentanyl.

Less than a month before Eric Richins was found dead at the foot of the couple's bed in Kamas, Utah, in March 2022, he "nearly died on Valentine's Day," according to new charging documents released March 25 and obtained by NBC News.

Kouri, who wrote about grieving a loved one in her children's book Are You With Me? following her husband's death, was charged with aggravated murder. In the new charging documents, Kouri is now also accused of attempted aggravated murder in…

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Taco Bell Adds New Chicken Enchilada Burrito Combo

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